Building a Website from Scratch

We know that it can seem like a lot of work to make websites. While that can be true, it also can be very simple. Today there are a number of website design templates that can be used to get a site up and running in as little as one day. We recommend to our tech savvy clients to give it a go on their own. When working on their first website we can step in to help if you get stuck.

We recommend using WordPress if you need more functionality as there are plugins for just about everything your company could need. However, Squarespace is very sleek and beginner friendly.

Now we also should let you know about the massive amounts of royalty free photos available. We use Pexels for this. Great professional looking photos that suit just about any situation. Of course having your own pictures is better but they need to be high quality. Nothing looks worse than a website with low quality images Consider the contrast, positioning, resolution, lighting, blur and colors when taking the picture and edit if possible.

We are happy to help here as well with image touchups or other edits if needed.

Another use tool is Inkscape, a graphic design tool. Inkscape will allow you to make custom images or logos. This is not easy to learn but with practice you will be able to create some really cool art… or just make some basic banners and backgrounds for your new website.

Finally if all of this still seems like a bit too much, just send us an email and let us take it from there. We offer $75 simple websites and logos. More complicated options available for those who need something a bit more complex.

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