Each business has unique needs and challenges. We will work closely with you to determine the right fit for your business, even if that means referring your project to another business.

Website Design

We love working with small businesses to help them gain exposure online. We build sleek websites starting at just $75.

Technology Consulting

Have a task or workflow that hinders employee performance or customer acquisition? Our expertise on various technologies can find the right solution to the problems our clients encounter.

SEO and Marketing

Increase traffic to your website, target advertisements and shrink the ad budget while gaining leads.

Smart Home/Business Installation

We can customize your home in ways you can only imagine. Lights come on when you get home, TV plays whatever you tell it to. Thermostat control, and security system management from anywhere in the world. Just about anything you can imagine, we can make happen.

“Tyler’s Projects helped us solve so many technical problems we had to push him to start a business”

— Maria P.

“Great to work with and knows the perfect solutions for any problem at the best price possible, couldn’t ask for more from a new consultant company.”

— Henry G.

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