Smart Home or Business


Home/Away Customization

When you empower your homes traditional analog devices (lights/thermostat/cameras etc) to work with your phone, suddenly making sure the lights are off or the temperature is turned down can happen automatically every time you leave the house. When you arrive home, the front porch light comes on and the garage door opens. When you enter, the stereo is playing your favorite music or the latest news is displayed on your TV. Anything is possible with IFTTT and smart devices so just tell us what your ideal scenario is and we can make it reality.

Ultimate Ambiance

It is movie night! Time to set the lights down low and start the popcorn! With integrated smart lights, TV and surround sound your normal living room can transform into the most comfortable cinema with the added bonus of free admission and pausing for bathroom breaks. We offer customized lighting that will mimic what is on screen for a truly immersive experience. When the movie is over, a single tap and the room is back to normal.

AirBnB Security and Convenience

Have an AIrBnB? Sometimes having strangers in your home can be… unselttling… With security cameras in place and smart locks your home can be kept secure and ensure only the authorized individuals can gain access. This can also help keep track of check-in/check-out and whether or not any additional guests or parties are happening without your consent. As additional bonus security systems can improve your home/business insurance premiums.

Cutting Edge Entertainment

Often times we fumble for our remotes and search through our streaming services to find the show or movie we want to watch. When you integrate smart home features into your TV and streaming services we can just simply talk to the system and if a show or movie is available on one of any of your platforms it can be played to the TV. No longer need to have a remote, or find out what streaming service your show/movie is currently available on.

Get Smart

Smart Home

Controlling the TV, lights, thermostat and more from your phone or smart home devices like the Alexa or Google Home is truly amazing. Hate searching for that remote, or wondering if the thermostat was turned down? Transforming your home into a Smart Home alleviates these problems, and more. Today there are thousands of I.o.T. (Internet of Things) devices that we can integrate into your home for any situation. Even the refrigerator can be integrated into your home’s smart setup. With our customized solutions for Smart Homes, anything is possible.

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Smart Business

Need access for deliveries when no one is there? How about offering employees access to the building without having to give them a physical key. No need to replace locks if someone losses their key or is let go. Security options with live notifications. Save money with efficient HVAC setup. Offer more aesthetic options for clients/customers with zoned lighting that requires no construction. However, we find most business will benefit from our Technology Consulting Services and add-in some of the Smart Business product offerings.

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