Technology Consulting

Leveraging Technology to streamline business process & workflows.

Streamline your operations and increase your profits

We have worked with technology for 20 years and always stay up-to-date on current trends and capabilities within the industry. If your business is having an issue, we are able to leverage our knowledge of available services (many free to use) to solve that problem. We take a deep dive into how your business functions and analyze the potential use cases of various technologies to provide examples of what tech can do for you. Reach out and see how we can help you business today.

Integrate Enterprise-grade SaaS

If you thought CRMs were just for large scale enterprises think again! With certain tiered pricing options we can leverage the tools of the largest SaaS apps today. Often times we can utilize these services for minimal or no cost at all. Make appointments, receive reviews, track prospective new clients, engage with customers, and much more all easily managed using technology and services that are designed with your unique business challenges in mind.

On-Demand Project Manager

Having a Project manager is not necessary for most small businesses. We will help with coordination and timing of all the technical aspects of your project. Ensuring your business gets the best possible deal, timeline, and ideal finished product. Various elements of your business will need to be able to connect, configuring this environment is challenging, Tyler’s Projects will handle this for you.

Custom…. but also out of the box.

We don’t treat our clients with cookie cutter templates. We analyze their competitive landscape and target markets and only then get to work on streamlining operations, and increasing sales. While it is simple to buy a suite of cloud services to solve every issue, this can get pricey. Small businesses need out of the box ideas to keep costs low.

“We wanted a way to make managing our customers and their appointments without paying an arm and a leg in subscription fees to Salesforce, Tyler’s Projects helped us integrate a free tool to obtain the same results!”

– Satisfied Client

Let’s build something.

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